A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to attend or participate in the 5th Annual Milwaukee Krampusnacht! It is was our biggest yet and a huge success. If you’re interested in hearing more how it went, how you can be involved in the event next year, and some things we might expand on, we’ll have a report on the event here early next week. We will be back big in 2023!

Here’s a whirlwind tour. All photos by Troy Freund Photography.

Best Place’s Great Hall: The American Science & Surplus Holiday Market

Outside the Great Hall
Inside the Great Hall
Event sponsor American Science & Surplus, our favorite store!
Krampusnacht attendees
Event sponsors Feral House, publishers of “The Krampus” by Al Ridenour, among many other fine books.
Stinky Goblin Emporium. They are the ones who create our badass art every year for our T-shirts and other merch.
Krampusnacht attendee
Vendor Momento Moira
Vendor Beyer Beware
Krampusnacht attendee
Event sponsor Hellfire Hot Sauce. Were you brave enough to sample?
One of our traditions is a white elephant exchange. This year it was set up in Capt. Pabst’s former office. Some say Capt. Pabst’s ghost still wanders the building.
This year we also set up a memorial to some participants and friends of the event who have passed on– Scott Wolter, Curtis Meyer aka Deadgar Winter, Linda Godfrey, and Louis Dubrosky. Thank you to Estephanie Mendoza for setting this up.
Speaking of, here’s the table for Mendoza Illustrations
Vendor Pieces of Jayde: Uncommon Goods, who traveled up from Indiana.
First time Krampusnacht vendor Fawn Haus
Vendor Triple Moon Sisters
Krampusnacht attendee
Crone Moon, who also led a wonderful “Make Your Own Krampus Card” workshop.
First time Krampusnacht vendor Baraboo Toy Soldier Shoppe
Krampusnacht performer/attendee
Vendor Gebhardt Trading Company
Next door to the Great Hall– the Best Place Gift Shop.

Saint Nick’s Speakeasy

Members of Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit at the Awkward Nerds Events Photo Booth.
Trapped in the Krampus Cage!
Tarot reader Kozmic Krystel
Krampusnacht attendees
Karaoke with Morgan
Karaoke time!

Preservation Park: Krampus Market Square

Supporting Sponsor Besom Boutique’s tents in the Krampus Market Square. Besom Boutique helped organize the market.
Photo opp and escape rooms set up by Unorthodox Entertainment Company

Krampusnacht attendees
Vendor Seventh Scorpio
Krampusnacht attendees
First time Krampusnacht vendor AFMG Cafe
Krampusnacht attendees
First time Krampusnacht vendor Mind, Soul, and Self
First time Krampusnacht vendor Enchanted Wreaths
First time Krampusnacht vendor The Bewitched Parlor

First time Krampusnacht vendor YouBetcha Herbs & Heirlooms
Vendor Cackling Crones/ Milwaukee Pagan Unity Community. Vonnie here was a huge help with the raffle, getting candy for the parade, and other supplies.
Vendor Stone Troll Studios
Members of the Wisconsin Ghostbusters

Best Place’s Blue Ribbon Hall: Activities

Outside the Blue Ribbon Hall
Inside the Blue Ribbon Hall for Kid’s Krampus Hour
At work on projects which included a Krampus mask, paper bag Krampus puppet, and a Krampus figurine made of aluminum foil.
Working on the craft plan.
Saint Nick shows up to greet the kiddos! But uh-oh, guess who is with him…
…that’s right, Krampus!
And an angel, too!
These performers are members of Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit. They perform at Milwaukee Krampusnacht and other events throughout the year.
Our sponsor Feral House provided each kid a stocking filled with treats.
That’s a lot of treats!
Only the good kids got the treats.
Author and researcher Chad Lewis gave an engaging talk presentation on “Folklore and Legends of Winter.”
Sold out room for the Chad Lewis presentation. It was followed by a “Make Your Own Krampus Card” workshop.

On Tap: Onkel Belsnickel’s Party Patio

Onkel Belsnickel’s Party Patio was located behind On Tap. It featured DJs Wendy and Ryan and Krampus and Hodag themed cornhole games.
Hip hop artist Puerto Wiccan gave a guest performance on the party patio. She had a couple Mari Lwyd back-up dancers. Mari Lwyd is from a Welsh tradition. On Christmas Eve, Mari Lwyd parties go door to door essentially trying to rap battle their way in for treats. See Atlas Obscura article here: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/mari-lwyd-wales-horse-skull-holidays
Puerto Wiccan perfomring her song “Devil Horns.”

Dead Man’s Carnival 11th Street Stage

Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance giving a performance at the Dead Man’s Carnival 11th Street Stage near Central Waters Brewing.
Be careful with those!
Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance
The setting sun was a nice touch on Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance’s performance.
A nice view of some of the historic Pabst Brewery buildings. The building on the corner is now Central Waters Brewing.
Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance
The Courtesan and the Cabin Boy “All Fired up for Krampus” firedance show.
Swords of flame!
The Courtesan and the Cabin Boy: “All Fired Up for Krampus!”
Professor Pinkerton’s Irrelevant Orchestra, the Dead Man’s Carnival House Band.
People dancing in the street to Professor Pinkerton’s Irrelevant Orchestra.

Out and About on the Streets

Members of Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit and Witches in Motion join forces!
Krampus stomping ground!
Krampusnacht attendees
Krampus whips people into shape by the Trouble Makers Cocina food truck.
Krampus on 10th and Juneau.
Krampusnacht attendees
Krampusnacht performers near Krampus Market Square
Wend O’ Lynn played two beautiful sets of traditional Irish music on the stage in the King’s Courtyard at Best Place.
Zombie Puppet Carolers!
Chillin’ with Krampus
Krampusnacht attendees
Caroling group Riverwest Revelers stopped by to sing!
Lookin’ snazzy!
Hangin out by the Best Place Cafe.
Krampus catches another victim!
Road block!
Looks like trouble!

Alright, are you ready for the American Ghost Walks Krampus Parade (and Post-Parade Party?)

American Ghost Walks banner holders lead the way.
Spielmannszug Milwaukee Drum and Bugle Corps http://szmke.org/has been an organization since 1957!
Mari Lwyds!
Zombie Caroler Choir
The Hodag Store‘s Krampus and St. Nick Hodags!
Tamarind Tribal Belly Dance
Witches in Motion and Wend O’ Lynn
That tall creature is Jólakötturinn, the ferocious Icelandic Yule Cat! See: Icelandic Christmas folklore – Wikipedia
Puerto Wiccan with a crew of creepy elves.
Here’s Krampus herder Saint Nick with members of Milwaukee Krampus Eigenheit and other other guest Krampus performers!
Katie Kadaver of Grindhouse Tease was also one of our t-shirt models this year.
Angel handing out candy.
Look out for that switch!
Uh-oh, looks ready to whip someone’s ass!
The Squeezettes playing the Post-Parade show in the Blue Ribbon Hall.
Looks like they’re dancing a Krampus polka.
The crowd enjoying The Squeezettes.
Cheers to our host, Best Place!
After The Squeezettes played, Xposed 4heads took the stage and humored the audience by playing their hit song “Dance with the Krampus” not once, but twice. And that was a wrap on Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2022!