What da heck is a Krampus?/ Event FAQ

Milwaukee Krampusnacht is happening Sunday, Dec. 4, 3-9pm at Best Place, On Tap, and Central Waters Brewery in the Brewery District. Tickets are $5 in advance, $10 at door: https://milwaukeekrampusnacht.com/tickets/

Here are some frequently asked questions.

What da heck is a Krampus?
Krampus is a folkloric monster of Alpine tradition. Children are told that goodly Saint Nick will reward them with treats if they are good, but if they are bad they will be visited by the hideous Krampus. We celebrate this and other similar traditions like the Welsh Mari Lwyd, Italian Befana, German Belsnickel, Icelandic Yule Cat and others. Our event celebrates these characters as well as local art, music, and performance.

When is the parade?
7pm sharp. See map below. IMPORTANT PARADE RULES: stay on the sidewalks/ intersections and off of Juneau Avenue. Do not touch, grab, or manhandle the performers and make sure your kids aren’t. The performers work hard and spend a lot of money and care on their costumes. Anyone caught harassing them (or anyone else for that matter) will be kicked out and banned.
Let’s work together and have a safe and fun time.

Where can I find parking?
There is a parking garage in the event zone, 9th and Juneau. There is another garage on 9th and State St., about two blocks away. Street parking is free on Sundays, but unpredictable. Note that 9th st is open, but Juneau between 9th and 11th will be closed.

Where can I find barking?
Nowhere. Dogs and other pets aren’t allowed at this event.

What will the weather be like?

Should I bring cash?
Most vendors except cards, but bring some cash– you might need it for things like raffle tickets or other items.

Do I need a ticket to attend?
Yes: https://milwaukeekrampusnacht.com/tickets/
General Admission ticket gets you into all areas except the activities (see next question). Bring your ticket to Best Place Great Hall (see map below) where you can check in and get a wrist band.

Do I need a special ticket for activities?
Yes. Chad Lewis presentation is sold out. Kid’s Krampus Hour and Card Making workshop have a few spots left. https://milwaukeekrampusnacht.com/tickets/
Those are happening in the Blue Ribbon Hall (see map below)

Where’s the bathroom?
All of the spaces in Best Place, On Tap, and Central Waters have a bathroom.

How do I participate in the Toys for Tots drive?
Bring an unwrapped, new toy to the Great Hall, donation boxes will be set up there.

How do I participate in White Elephant?
Bring a wrapped gift $5-10 to the Great Hall, the white elephant table is set up in Capt. Pabst’s office. A volunteer will give you a ticket, exchange that for a gift any time after the parade/

Should I dress up?
Yes! Krampus themed clothes/ accessories, other characters of winter folklore, ugly sweaters, reindeer antlers, all encouraged.

Will there be food and drink?
Yes! Plant Burger is a vegan option in our outdoor Krampus Market Square. Trouble Makers Cocina will have a food truck on 10th St. On Tap will be serving food. Central Waters and Best Place’s bars in Great Hall, Guest chalet, Speakeasy, and Blue Ribbon Hall all open.

Will you be able to answer my questions about parking/ weather/ the universe the night before of day of the event by Facebook message, email, phone, or any other form of communication?

No. We will all be working very hard to set up and run the event. Show up and use your wit and wile to figure out what is going on.

Where is everything? What’s going on? Who am I?
Please see map and schedule below.

This seems like a pretty rad event. How can I support it?
Throwing money in our donation jars, buying raffle tickets (featuring wonderful items from our vendors, $5 each or 5 for $20) buying stuff from our merch table on the vendor floor all helps.