Erna Meets Krampus…Again!


Milwaukee Krampusnacht 2018 was a huge success! The event is open to all people who want to celebrate with us, but of course we love to hear stories of those who have a connection to the tradition in the past. Lisa brought her friend Erna to the event and shared this delightful story with us: 

Hey all, I just wanted to say thanks so much for this awesome event! I brought my 92 year old friend Erna, who emigrated from Austria (Krampus’ homeland!) as a young woman right after WWII. Erna remembers being visited by the Krampus as a little girl.

She says she found out later that when St. Nicholas and Krampus arrived, one of her parents would slip St. Nicholas a note with details of when she and her siblings had been naughty throughout the year, and St. Nicholas would secretly read it quickly and then confront the children with their misbehavior. If the children did not take responsibility and apologize and promise to be good from then on, they were threatened with Krampus abduction! She still remembers being frightened/excited when she and her siblings heard the combination of chains and bells outside their home announcing the arrival of St. Nicholas and Krampus, and then her parents would round the children up and make them sit in a row of chairs in the living room waiting to meet their visitors. Hahaha!

Again, thank you so much. Erna had the time of her life!

Thank you, Lisa and Erna, for sharing! 


(Erna, left, and Lisa meet the Krampus!)

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